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My Father's Words

A new shipment of books arrived today. My Father's Words by Patricia Maclachlan caught my eye--not only because of the cover, but because of the title and the summary on the front jacket flap. Fiona and Finn O'Brien love their father, and, when he is killed in a car accident, they struggle to make sense of what happened, and, while remembering different things their dad had told them, try to find a way to go on with their lives. A suggestion from a family friend sends them to the local animal shelter where they find dogs that are struggling as well. This book made me smile, think, and cry--not necessarily in a bad way, but because the characters were so real and their emotions drew me into their lives. I highly recommend this amazing story to anyone--whether you know the pain of loss, or simply want to get to know Fiona, Finn, Jenny and Emma.

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